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The state of many residential properties is only satisfactory!

According to a report conducted by the German Dekra Real Estate on the examination of residential areas in Germany, buyers must calculate on average approx. 5% of the purchase price for the removal of defects.

For the study, Dekra Real Estate examined town houses, single family residential homes, and multiple dwellings with up to 6 housing units over the course of several years and with different years of construction.
The assessment of conditions essentially examined the supporting structure, cladding, heating, sanitary and electro-technics.

There were great differences depending on the age- the state of the buildings dramatically worsed with increasing age.  
In the process, the need for maintenance work to be carried out was determined even for new buildings.

Prevent yourself from getting into a maintenance jam with residential properties and office buildings- have your desired property checked before the purchase! 

We offer:

  • Buyer accompaniment,
  • Iproperty inspection and a recording of all damages and defects,
  • assessment of damage and determination of necessary costs of repair,
  • determination of necessary cost of structural alteration work
  • short appraisals,
  • brief written statement by an expert

Your advantage

  • Recognize the chances and risks involved in a property purchase
  • Preparation of necessary contract stipulations
  • Protection of the personally purchasing price
  • Independent objectively arguments for the purchase decision
  • Protection of the agreed (living) space
  • Avoiding of risks by “bought as seen” like excessive purchasing prices or covered damages and defects
  • Short and expedient execution of orders