S & I Büro Neumann

Whether through supporting consultation or technical contributions- our actions take the weight off your shoulders as an investor so that you can concentrate on your core tasks.
You obtain an optimized project planning breakdown, the purpose of which is to see to it that costs and appointments are adhered to and quality and functionality are achieved with an emphasis on economic efficiency when conducting business transactions.

For you as the building owner / investor, our services lead to increased quality planning and time saving. Moreover, you gain greater security with regard to the dimensions and economic efficiency of your project and operating costs.

As we are a member of an engineering cooperative, we have a wide range of fundamental knowledge at our disposal from diverse subject areas.

Regardless of whether the ordering customer has an own construction department, our services lead to cutting down fix costs and save the investor from having to hire additional  personnel at short notice.

The commission of our services is based on the scope, duration, and difficulty of the task at hand. According to how the task is defined, an individual price can be agreed upon and/or an all-inclusive set price based on mutual agreement can be reached.

Multiple step supervision and controlling procedures throughout the entire construction process.
  • Review of planning documents
  • Regular building site inspections
  • Preparation of reports with a representation of all existing defects
  • Follow-up quality certificate

Your advantage

  • Regular quality controls during construction
  • Clearing of existing defects before construction completion
  • Supervision of the clearing of defects
  • Independent advice to the owner resulting in more confidence when dealing with construction workers, property developers and others involved
  • Safeguarding of the assessed building costs
  • Having a competent substitute of the often missing architect at a set price
Detailed assessment and analysis of the acquisition of a property in reference to its construction and technical properties.
  • Complete description of the building data and construction
  • Documentation of the condition of the building shell and facade as well as the entire floor space
  • Documentation of the technical state of property (mechanical, electricity and plumbing)
  • Assessment of hazardous materials (Asbestos, PCB, PAK, KMF, etc.)
  • Determination of the entire costs of necessary maintenance measures

Your advantage

  • Minimization of the investment risk
  • Securing of a lasting financial success involved in a real-estate transaction
  • High degree of cost savings by preventing wrong decisions
  • Qualified statements on maintenance delays and the state of a building including its function and consumption costs
  • Total confidence in your decision to buy through extensive building and background checks

Assumption of a building owner’s obligation from 1998 to create a significant improvement of security and health protection at building sites with workers from several employers and to take the appropriate measures in accordance with the German Construction Site Ordinance (Baustellenverordnung – BaustellV).


  • Nordseewerke Emden
  • Blohm + Voss Industrietechnik Hamburg
  • ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG
Execution of performance phases such as those given by the German HOAI  (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers).
  • Assistance and preparation concerning the delegation of construction tasks
  • Supervision of the execution of construction phases and the handing over of the property to the owner


  • Clinikum Oldenburg (hospital)
  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Supermarkets