S & I Büro Neumann

Whether through supporting consultation or technical contributions- our actions take the weight off your shoulders as an investor so that you can concentrate on your core tasks.
You obtain an optimized project planning breakdown, the purpose of which is to see to it that costs and appointments are adhered to and quality and functionality are achieved with an emphasis on economic efficiency when conducting business transactions.

For you as the building owner / investor, our services lead to increased quality planning and time saving. Moreover, you gain greater security with regard to the dimensions and economic efficiency of your project and operating costs.

As we are a member of an engineering cooperative, we have a wide range of fundamental knowledge at our disposal from diverse subject areas.

Regardless of whether the ordering customer has an own construction department, our services lead to cutting down fix costs and save the investor from having to hire additional  personnel at short notice.

The commission of our services is based on the scope, duration, and difficulty of the task at hand. According to how the task is defined, an individual price can be agreed upon and/or an all-inclusive set price based on mutual agreement can be reached.